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El Paso Animal Clinic Offers Pet Dermatology in Derby, Kansas

Just like people, pets can develop skin problems that are unsightly and often cause discomfort. These problems can be a result of allergies, injury to the skin, nutritional deficiencies or underlying medical problems. Your Derby, Kansas veterinarian can provide the proper diagnosis and careful treatment of these problems, so your pet can look its best and feel its best.

dog scratching in Derby

Common Skin Problems in Pets

Your veterinarian has the knowledge and experience to recognize many skin disorders that occur in pets. Allergies often cause skin problems that can lead to inflamed or oozing sores on the skin. Small injuries can cause the growth of bacteria or fungus that causes redness, itching and hair loss. Insect bites can cause swelling and discomfort at the site. Granuloma is a skin problem that occurs when pets constantly lick at their paws or other areas of the body, causing small skin irritations to become large, unsightly growths. In addition, your veterinarian can help with skin tags or other benign growths that can be removed to improve appearance and avoid further problems.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Skin Problems

The veterinarian will do a comprehensive examination of your pet to determine its general health. Some skin problems are a result of systemic illness, which must be properly treated in order to have improvement in skin condition. If the cause of the skin eruption is an allergy, your veterinarian may recommend an “elimination diet” in which you remove all but one food item and gradually add other foods, one at a time, to detect which one is causing the problem. In some cases of allergy, allergens from outdoors or reactions to cleaning compounds may be the source of the reaction. Steroid ointments and antibiotics are often needed to treat these skin conditions.

Make El Paso Animal Clinic Your Veterinarian for Pet Dermatology in Derby, KS

We have experience treating dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds and pocket pets. Contact El Paso Animal Clinic today at (316) 788-1561 for an appointment to discuss the options for treatment of your pet’s skin problems.

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