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Posted on 07-27-2017

Why Is Dental Care so Important for Pets?

Dental health is as important for pets as it is for people. Dental problems can prevent your pet from getting sufficient nutrition to keep him or her healthy and strong. Good nutrition is especially important for older animals, but this is also the time when dental problems appear.

dental care at el paso animal clinic in derby

What Type of Dental Issues Do Pets Have?

Animals can have a variety of dental problems that require attention. Some may have extra teeth that crowd out normal teeth and create problems with eating. Some animals may break their teeth while chewing hard objects. Some animals injure their teeth chewing wood fences in an effort to escape the yard. Older animals may have loose or decayed teeth. In many cases, the veterinarian will recommend removing the faulty tooth to allow the animal to feed comfortably.

What Are the Signs of A Dental Problem in A Pet?

If your dog has chronic bad breath, vocalizes discomfort when eating, has bloody saliva, leaves blood on chew toys or does not want you to touch his head, it may be because of tooth problems that are causing pain. In addition, frequent sneezing or a nasal discharge can signal a problem in the upper canine teeth that can cause problems in a nasal cavity. Lumps or bumps in the mouth or on gums can also signal a dental problem that should prompt a visit to your veterinarian.

What Are The Best Ways to Care for Pets’ Teeth?

Provide a high-quality pet food, and avoid treats that may contain sugar that promotes tooth decay. Your Derby or Wichita veterinarian will recommend regularly cleanings of your pet’s teeth to remove the plaque that causes tooth loss and gum disease. Your pet must be aestheticized in order to do the deep cleaning below the gums. The vet will review your pet’s general health before cleaning and will use the safest possible anesthetic for the procedure. After a short rest to allow the anesthetic to wear off, you will be able to take your pet home. In between cleanings, the vet will recommend brushing your pet’s teeth daily to remove the bacteria that cause tartar and plaque.

Can I Use Regular Toothpaste for Cleaning Pets’ Teeth?

Do not use human toothpaste to clean dogs’ teeth because it contains xylitol and fluoride, which are poisonous for dogs. Use only toothpaste that is formulated for pet’s teeth. These compounds are available at pet supply stores around the country. If your pet will not tolerate tooth brushing, a variety of dental chews are available that will help to remove tartar from the teeth.

Let El Paso Animal Clinic Be Your Veterinarian for Pet Dental Care

The veterinarians and staff at El Paso Animal Clinic take great pride in providing professional, compassionate care for the animals of Derby, Wichita and surrounding areas. We offer dental care for pets, as well as wellness visits, vaccinations, surgery, dermatology, diagnostic services, pharmacy, and boarding. Contact us today at 316-251-0617 for an appointment to discuss dental care and other ways to ensure your pet’s good health throughout life.

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