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Pet Radiology Provided by a Derby, Kansas Veterinarian

Animals suffer from many of the same types of conditions as humans such as broken bones, tumors, and kidney stones. That's why at El Paso Animal Clinic in Derby, KS offers the same radiology to pets that are offered in human hospitals. Radiology is a vital aspect of diagnostic medicine that helps monitor your pet's condition.

pet radiology by a derby veterinarian

What Is Pet Radiology?

Radiology describes the imaging conducted on animals that allow our veterinary to view your pet's internal structure. We may conduct an X-ray, which is a type of radiograph that lets a specialist view the bone inside your animal's body to analyze it for injuries or disease.

We're also able to use ultrasound technology to monitor your pet's bodily systems as well as pregnancies. An ultrasound gives us a view of the soft tissue within your pet. We utilize digital imaging to view the stomach, heart, lungs, intestines, liver, reproductive system and urinary tract. 

We often times conduct radiographs in real-time, so we're able to see what's going on inside of your pet at the present second. We use radiography as a monitoring technique in order to ensure a particular condition is healing normally.

We may conduct a computed tomography, also known as a CAT or CT scan. It's a type of X-ray that takes cross-sectional images that produce 3D images. We're also able to use this type of imaging to view soft tissue. We may use a CT scan to identify different types of tumors. 

Benefits of Digital Radiography

In today's world, everything is digital including the imaging used to diagnose your pet. The digital images are much clearer than standard imaging. They produce a vivid image that we're able to use to diagnose your pet with more accuracy.

The increase in quality comes with an increase in speed. We're able to get an image within seconds, so we can begin the diagnostic process almost immediately. As mentioned above, we're able to conduct imaging in real-time. The sooner we're able to diagnose your pet's problem, the sooner we're able to treat the problem. This means the best possible prognosis for your pet. The speed of digital imagery means we can handle emergency situations and save your pet's life. Additionally, the quick imaging means the process causes minimal stress and discomfort for your pet.

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